Rent an E-Bike on Samsø


Ø-HJUL.DK gets you easily around nature and villages with wind-harvested electric power. An E-Bike is the perfect way to experience Samsø's hilly scenery and idyllic villages. Once you have booked, you will receive a code for your bike locks on the day. In addition, there will be a sign with simple instructions for picking up and returning the E-Bikes - easy and convenient.


Battery & Charging

Batteries are fully charged upon collection. Range: min. 65 km. If you book the bikes for more than one day, you will receive chargers for your batteries.

Instructions will be provided upon pick-up.

25.0 km/hr

The E-Bike has 7 gears. The motor helps you reach speeds of up to 25.0 km/h. You can choose between 5 settings (OFF - ECO - TOUR - SPORT - TURBO).

Rent 08-23

How long can I rent an E-Bike? One day rentals start at 08:00 and last until 23:00 the same day. Click HERE and book now.

Find us here

The bikes are ready at Sælvig Harbour and Ballen Marina. You can decide when to pick up and drop off within the rental period.

Easy and convenient.

Out and explore

Autumn is just around the corner with plenty of nature experiences.

Our E-Bikes have rear baskets -> Pack the essentials and go exploring.

E is for everyone

Electric cycling has no age-

limitation. The minimum height is 165cm to operate the pedals.

Drip drip

It's raining, now what?

The engine and bike are put together to withstand rain and wind. But in case of thunder and lightning - take shelter!


We recommend helmet and kindness. See current traffic rules right here.


All the nitty-gritty of insurance and liability can be found in our terms and conditions right here.

E-Bike rental


From: 275 kr.

Small Ø-Wheels min. 130cm height

From: 275 kr.

Electric bike only children, dogs and luggage

From: 495 kr.

Sælvig Harbour

If you arrive with our new darling M/F Lilleøre from Aarhus, you only have to walk a few meters to find your local Ø-HJUL.
Easy and convenient.

Ballen Marina

If you arrive in your own boat, you can find our Ø-HJUL range on the south pier right next to the electric cars.

Quality increases Joy

The bikes are manufactured in Dieren, the Netherlands.
Ø-HJUL is founded on Samsø, Denmark.
A true fusion of quality and the pleasure of cycling.

Service, now what?! Take a break

At Ø-HJUL we strive for you to enjoy and experience Samsø without worries.
Puncture? We patch!
Flat tire? We'll fix it.
Take a break while we fix it.


Ø-HJUL has good friends around Samsø. These places are worth a visit.

Check opening hours at

Come in and say hello - they're very friendly.

Friends of Ø-HJUL